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Urgent Care Clinic Marketing

Broaden your digital presence for new patients to find you

You need more than just a professional website.

Today, a professional website is a given. To stand out in today's crowded urgent care clinic marketplace, you need to fire on all cylinders. Today's practice marketing requires a focus on the whole customer experience, from a fast mobile-friendly website to review management, accurate business listings, email marketing, and social media management.

Clinic Builder focuses on all the critical elements which make an urgent care clinic practice succeed. We understand that patients are quickly searching for more than just a name and website and want to see reviews with stars that demonstrate a positive patient experience. While each patient is different, a new search trend is emerging for urgent care, which providers need to embrace or get left behind.

Check which marketing plan is best for your practice

From silver to platinum, clinic builder offers multiple marketing plans which grow your urgent care clinic. Responsive website, review marketing, business listing management, webchat, social media, local seo, and email marketing.

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