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Now is the time to grow your practice's presence by focusing on the power of local SEO.
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Use local SEO to your practices strategic advantage

Clinic Builder considers all the factors which makes up local SEO, so you show up on the first page of the Google local Search.
The elements that build your local SEO presence


Having a mobile-optimized website is table stakes

Patients today spend increasing amounts of time on their mobile devices. A recent study of all health-related searches found that 68% are completed on a mobile device. Even more, Google's algorithm rewards mobile-friendly sites with a higher ranking.
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Google My Business - Your key to local SEO


Google My Business is the most important factor for being found locally

What most practices don’t know is, just by simply creating a free Google My Business listing, you greatly increase your odds of showing up in a Google local search. By optimizing your information, you can rank even higher.


Social media strategies that make an impact

With hundreds of millions of active social media users, it is essential for practices to use social media to impact the decisions of their target patients while improving their overall local search ranking at the same time.
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NAB, name, address, phone


Google values consistency in your listings

When all your listings say the same thing, Google can confidently display your contact information to customers for geo-targeted searches. Local SEO experts believe that Google and the other search engines cross-reference your NAP information across a variety of websites as a validation that you are a legitimate business. The more “local citations” you can build up with consistent NAP information, the better.


Let your patients write your content

A patient's review is one of the most powerful pieces of content you can add to your practice's website. By adding the Content Builder review feed to your site, new reviews will dynamically be displayed and seen by Google as original content.
Online reviews are powerful content that can be routed to your website

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