At Clinic Builder, we understand that it is going to take time for practices and patients to adjust to the new realities of doing business during a pandemic. And, until a vaccine is found, business will not be normal. ClinicBuilder believes that the most effective marketing a practice can do now and inthe future is focus on their organic local Google search ranking and showing your patient community how you are embracing healthcare infection prevention and control recommendations. 

Clinic Builder’s platform is designed to capture more patients and grow your business. We can achieve this by an array of tools at our disposal. Our holistic view of practice growth is beneficial to inquiring patients, current patients, and management. 

Firstly we sift through the factors crucial for your Google rankings. These include business listings, local SEO, website optimization, and patient reviews. By improving these factors, Clinic Builder can help make sure inquiring patients find you before your competition. 

Clinic Builder can:
1.    Ensure your website is not dragging down your local Google search results. We will work with your website designer to ensure that your site passes the three critical SEO audits: on-page, off-page, and technical. 

2.    Dramatically increasing the number of patient reviews. Reviews are the most effective way to generate social proof about your brand. And Clinic Builder can automate the process entirely. In addition to generation, our review platform allows for the monitoring, management, and marketing of reviews. Stay on top of what patients are saying about your brand and be able to push reviews to other websites, including your own.
3.    Improve patient communication with a simple widget added to your website, which allows website traffic to communicate directly with your clinic. This means you can schedule patients before other practices can. 

4.    Develop social media content strategies that enable your practice to demonstrate how you have adjusted to the new reality and are providing the safest services possible. 

5.    Monitor the patient experience and understand where operations are running well and where corrections must be made along the patient’s journey. Utilize reviews, surveys, and social media to generate actionable data to interpret trends. 

6.    Lastly, Clinic Builder can enable bench marking of your competition, allowing you to see where you rank industry-wide on a company, regional and local level for patient feedback, and sentiment trends for services performed.
Across the board, Clinic Builder prioritizes clinic growth and patient experience through a variety of means. See how we can help.
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