What is Review Marketing?

By Mike Russo, May 5, 2020

We have all seen billboards driving down the road at 70 miles an hour. We see them for a split second, and then they are out of sight and out of mind. Billboards are inherently ineffective for several reasons.

1.    It displays company-sponsored information
2.     Audience is limited
3.    Short durational viewership
4.    Cost prohibitive
5.    Limited utility
6.    Static message

Television, radio, and print all have similar drawbacks.What if there was a better, more effective way to deliver authentic, evolving messages to your patients with less time and cost to promote your practice.

Well, luckily, there is an effective marketing strategy any healthcare practice can employ to get in front of prospective patients, gain insights into current patients, and deliver an authentic message. The best part is, you do not have to do anything you are not already doing. Just continue to provide high-quality care, and the rest should fall into place. Review marketing checks off all the boxes.

Authentic message

It is well documented 93% of patients read reviews before choosing a health care provider. It is also well known that 91% of people trust reviews as much as are commendation from a friend. Why? These reviews are driven by patient experience, and patients are eager to share their stories. Thus there is real authenticity in a reviews message. There is no bias like a sponsored message from a company. Clinic Builder is set up to be able to send out requests to your patients to generate new reviews continuously so you can grow your practice.

Nearly unlimited viewership

Unlike a billboard that has to be driven by to be seen, reviews can be seen anywhere.Mobile devices are now performing more than half of the searches, making dynamic advertising more important than ever. Practices must be able to get in front of as many patients who are searching for their services. Clinic Builder has the ability to help improve your local ranking on searches (SEO) to be on page one and be in front of more patients.

A short view indeed

Cars speeding down a freeway do not lend themselves to long reads or thoughts about products and services. A more advantageous way exists with reviews. People spend time and sift through reviews before making choices about a provider. No other form of media spends as much time in front of patients. Patents across all age ranges expect there to be 112 reviews per practice. Not only do patients read reviews, but they also read responses. 45% of patients state they are more likely to go to a provider that responds to negative reviews.  All this reading places your brand and their experience front and center for an extended period.

Cost prohibitive

Advertising is not cheap. A common goal is to maintain a very low cost per acquisition. It is challenging to do so when the message is in front of the wrong audience. Hence the cost gets spread to few acquisitions. Also, marketing reviews hold several advantages over other media. It is a form of marketing that can be controlled at a very local level. Therefore costs can be well maintained as there are fewer hands in the cookie jar.

Limited Utility

TV and radio ads are only good for television and radio. Reviews have the power to reach wider audiences, perform marketing activities, convert detractors, and gain insight into the patient psyche. Reviews also allow you to be able to identify where improvements can be made to ensure a more complete patient satisfaction.Even one step further, they can be used as a benchmarking tool to compare your clinic across the industry.  

Reviews are ever-evolving

Billboards, print, and TV ads display a single message. Very static. Reviews, on the other hand, are constantly changing and authentic. Patients find reviews more authentic than information found on your practice’s website. By having a steady stream of fresh reviews, you ensure that authenticity never ends.

Reviews have the power to be the workhorse of your practice—a continually evolving force de jour that is working tirelessly around the clock to promote your brand. Reviews offer numerous advantages to other forms of advertising and should be the best practice for businesses of all sizes. ClinicBuilder’s platform can handle all your clinic’s needs with regards to reviews. Clinic Builder specializes in facilitating healthcare companies in owning and expanding their online presence.  

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