What is review management? And why your clinic needs it

By Mike Russo, May 5, 2020

What is review management?

Review management is a very effective digital marketing tactic which allows healthcare facilities to track and proactively respond to the online reviews customers leave about their business on review sites such as Google, Facebook, Healtchgrades and more.

What is the importance of review management in healthcare?

1. The U.S. Bureau of Statistics found that 93% of consumers read online reviews before choosing a business, and 40% of those consumers have formed their opinion after reading just three reviews.

2. 57% of patients only use business with a 4.0 star rating or better

3. 53% of patients expect a review to a negative review within a week

4. 69.9% of patients consider a positive online reputation to be very or extremely important when choosing a provider

Patients want and desire genuine, authentic experiences shared by other patients online more than ever. Their opinions are viewed as trustworthy and non biased as compared to information provided by the business itself.

As patients believe reviews important, search engines like Google and Yahoo do as well. Search engines are built to bridge patients with the most relevant information as speedily as possible. The increasing content your clinic has readily available for search engines to index, like reviews, the more likely Google and Yahoo are to post your practice in front of a prospective patient researching for services your clinic provides.

With patients specifically on mobile devices not looking at results past the first page of their search engine results, being on page one should be your business’s primary objective. 90% of searches occur on the first page.

Here is a quick list of the importance of review management:

1. Increasing credibility with more review compared to your competitors
2. Increasing visibility in the eyes of search engines
3. Improved patient loyalty with responding to all reviews both the good and the bad 4. Gain insights into your patients view of your practice to improve patient experience
5. Improved experience results in more patient volume and reviews
6. More reviews = more revenue
7. More revenue = clinic growth

The next questions is how to manage your practice’s reviews

There are two general options for management. But they are not created equal.

Manual Control 
As an owner, you have the option to monitor each individual site. Going through dozens of sites is both time consuming and inefficient. These inefficiencies both misuse time and monetary resources. Thus automation is an effective work around to this obstruction

Likely the best option for any healthcare practice is to automate the process. It is the simplest option to help grow and deliver piece of mind.  

1. An automation platform like Clinic Builder compiles reviews about your clinic from 150+ sites day and night. This enables you to be able to capture all reviews and manage them from a single dashboard.

2. Clinic Builder sets alerts to inform you of when new reviews are generated concerning your practice.

3. When the inevitable bad review is generatedClinic Builder automatically creates a service ticket (can be done manually) to empower your practice to never miss an opportunity to cause conversion.

4. Automation can be taken 1 step further by creating review response templates. These are highly customizable to your brand.

5. Clinic Builder can automatically take one up your competition by spreading posting your favorite reviews to your preferred social media sites and even your website. This is done by a simple widget and affords you the opportunity to showcase your great reviews to future patients.

6. Our business insight tool then sifts through your competitor’s reviews and feedback. You can gain insight into what is working for them and where improvements cannot be made. Our social monitoring tool offers the ability to understand what patients are saying about your brand on social media sites.

7. A benchmarking tool offers insights into your competitor’s data from 300M+ sites, forums and blogs. All of these can help you take a competitive step over your rivals. We do all we can to help you rank better and grow your business.

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