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Attract more physical therapy patients


Expand Your Clinic’s Online Search Ability Throughout Virginia

Just as with any business, consumers “Google” your clinic. What they find needs to be accurate and up to date. This can be tricky to navigate with how many platforms there are across the web. That is where we come in. Clinic Builder works with 50+ global partners including Google, Bing, Facebook and Yahoo to ensure your clinic’s (name, address, phone) are consistent across the board. This also pays dividends when it comes to SEO.
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Clinic Builder Employs a Comprehensive Approach to Marketing

Virginia PT practices no longer need or require multiple providers for the job. Clinic Builder focuses on multiple SEO facets including:
1. Online Reviews
2. Keyword Research
3. Link Building
4. FAST Mobile Friendly Websites
5. Content
6. NAP Consistency
7. Social Signals
8. Google My Business Optimization
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Physical Therapy Local SEO
Google My Business


Any Virginia PT Clinic’s Best Friend

GMB is the most powerful tool to facilitate growth. Have multiple clinics, not a problem. With Clinic Builder’s Platform you can manage all GMB’s from a single platform. Update information such as holiday hours, social content, images and more.


Generate Reviews to Build Your Social Proof

Separate your clinic amongst peers and other professions by your reviews. Current best practice includes asking all patients for reviews. Clinic Builder’s review platform is all encompassing. You can easily automate. With a few clicks you can set up review monitoring, generation, management and marketing.

Utilize your past patients to do your marketing for future ones.
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Physical Therapy Review Generation


From Discovery to Post-Interaction,
Steer Patients to Your Clinic

- 10x faster than calling: Text messaging is the new standard for quick and easy communication.
- From texting patient’s to replying to reviews, Clinic Builder has your back.
- 95% of messages are read: Texts have a 99% open rate. 95% of those texts are read within 5 minutes.
- 3x higher conversions: Reviews requested via text message vs. review requested via email.

Turn website visitors into patients with WebChat 

Clinic Builder helps convert your website visitors into actual patients. Engage visitors immediately with live chat, or save time by auto-responding with Robin, our chatbot.
Physical therapy patient engagement platform
Maximize patient lifetime value


The Cheapest New Patient Is One You Have Already Treated

It is not enough to provide quality care. You and your brand need to stay fresh on patient’s minds. Clinic Builder’s social platform can help streamline how, where and when you post to your social pages. We simplify how to grow and maintain your social community
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You Need to Know Where to Look

Dive into patient satisfaction to uncover functional and actionable data. By engaging patients about their experience at the right time through NPS or CSAT surveys, your business can find trends with our advanced AI. This is a great way to find out specifically if something is working well or needs correction.
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Patient satisfaction, customer satisfaction

Grow Your Virginia Physical Therapy Business with Clinic Builder

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